About me

Hello! I’m Alejandro U. Alvarez, an engineering student at Universidad de Oviedo (Spain). I work in application security at Morgan Stanley in London.

Want to send something private? My minilock id is: 2CoGzindzmjJ8rPGYm2kt1Nwz4NMLV872fnUQ5xMLN9eJD, encrypt it and send via any means you want :)

I’m usually involved in many personal projects as you can see here and here. I used to develop back-end systems, database stuff… but I fell in love with JavaScript and now try to do as much of it as possible. Luckily for me Nodejs and new MVC frameworks mean that you can pretty much use it everywhere :)

I love new ideas, trying new tools and working with new people. When it comes to work, I love git+Github, Travis-ci and all the great things that are coming up. For the past years I’ve become very interested in security, both for web, mobile and desktop applications, and spend some of my time researching into that.

I used to live in a wonderful small city in the north of Spain:

I really enjoy Skiing, flying my Tricopter and travelling around. For more info please get in touch or check our the social stuff top-right :)