Here are some of the experiments I work on during my free time, you can find most of them on my Github profile.

WebGL experiments



An HTML5+JS nebulosa effect, it displays text by making circles float inside it. Using Pixi.js internally for the WebGL rendering.

For more information read the article about it.


Tree Generator

Watch the web using WebGL

The aim of this experiment is to generate large graphs (10000+ nodes) about the web, such that each node is a website, and it's linked to other websites if they are related or something like that. Still under development, deployed into Heroku.

The screenshot was taken on a very early version, it may have changed by now.

Canvas experiments

/line-art Chrome Experiment

Line Art

JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas experiment, I wanted to learn about canvas rendering so I started doing some experiments

Line-Art creates a sine wave (Only one period) using a number of points controlled by a slider at the bottom. The more points the more exact it will be. It then joins the corresponding points from each half period of the sine.


HTML Clock

HTML5+CSS3+JS functioning clock, the exact time is shown by the offset of each number.

It uses some HTML+CSS3 to create the stripes, and then a little bit of JavaScript to animate the whole thing. I also want to try to achieve the same result using only CSS3, which might actually be possible.


Tree Generator

2D trees with JavaScript, just because why not? Although by tweaking the settings you can get pretty much any kind of drawing.

I thought about it one day, and after some tweaking and coding I managed to get a recursive function to draw 2D trees. The different settings the function takes allow it to draw pretty much anything you want, so it's quite a lot of fun to play with. I also wrote an article about it.




An Angular Directive to turn any textarea into a smart element with autocomplete based on text/regex triggers. It can be used for many different purposes, I originally developed it as an advanced Cypher editor (Neo4j's "SQL") that would dropdown text versions of foreign keys.



A Sass/CSS library to easily add attention seekers to any element It was my first Sass project, and I reckon I fell in love with it.

More to come... :)