Are you creating a new forum, IRC channel, or pretty much any kind of website where users can submit links and you need to control bad words?
Well I was in that situation a few days ago, and it took a very long time until I managed to find some resources, so here I'll try to post a bad words list that I'll keep on building on as I find more sources.

I won't post the bad words list as text, as some public might find it offensive. Instead I'll just post a link to a zip file with the badwords.

The list was compiled from other lists found online, I did some checks to remove duplicates, but overall didn't go over all of them.
There might be words that aren't actually offensive, so please go over them to make sure they are what you need.


The zip file contains a plain text file with one word per line, and a MySQL file to populate a database with id, word, and replacement.

Change log:

  • Added more words to the list and improved the MySQL one. The list now contains 458 unique words, sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Public release: v. 1.0 - A standard bad words list in a txt file, containing 252 words, plus an SQL script that populates a MySQL database with badwords and their respective "replacement" euphemism.

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