About me

My name is Alejandro U. Alvarez and I’m a passionate developer interested in web development, security, realtime/collaborative applications and tons of other stuff. I live with my wife and some friends in London working as a dev manager in a security team at an investment bank.

I like making things. It tends to be software, but I do electronics, make music, build stuff with wood, converted my own camper van… anything really!

These last couple of years I’ve decided to focus mostly in deep learning, AI… as that has been my biggest interest since I was a kid. Through the education tech company I started with my friend Bharat Reddy we’ve developed some workshops and competitions that involve AI (more on this soon!) to enable us to practice more and meet people in the field.

I also love learning different things, I read as much as possible for that, and keep on throwing myself into things I know nothing about - which sometimes works well and mostly doesn’t!

My software things are divided between projects, libraries, and little experiments. I used to develop one large personal project a year, but that proves very time consuming and ultimately not that useful.

So I focus more on libraries and experiments now (not that those are a lot more useful, but I’m able to get more things done this way).

I really enjoy making music, skiing, radio controlled machines, and travelling around.