My name is Alejandro U. Alvarez and I'm a passionate developer interested in web development, security, realtime/collaborative applications and tons of other stuff.

I'm currently located in London working as a dev manager in a security team at an investment bank.

I can be contacted via any of the social links at the top right, or via email at aluralma at gmail.

I create things

That sums up my main interest, I like making things. It tends to be software, but I do electronics, make music, websites… new ideas in general.

I also love learning different things, I read as much as possible for that, and keep on throwing myself into things I know nothing about - which sometimes works well and mostly doesn't!

My software things are divided between projects, libraries, and little experiments. I used to develop one large personal project a year, but that proves very time consuming and ultimately not that useful.

So I focus more on libraries and experiments now (not that those are a lot more useful, but I'm able to get more things done this way).

I really enjoy making music, skiing, radio controlled machines, and travelling around.