dotdot: A social experiment April 13, 2020

Group chat application aiming to help meet and get to know other people

Flocking Behaviour Simulations February 8, 2020

JavaScript implementation of the Boid algorithm

Procedural Map Generation February 8, 2020

JavaScript implementation using simplex noise and WebGL rendering

When do you fix bugs? February 4, 2020


I am my family's password manager December 18, 2019

Is there any way to fix this?

Journey into Haskell December 18, 2019

Do I need Haskell to be a functional human?

2019 Q4 Update December 14, 2019

How do I get back into blogging?

Generating Pixel Perfect PDF Reports June 21, 2016

No but really, does anyone actually get excited about pretty pdf reports?

2016 Q1 Update April 28, 2016

I guess this is just a long tweet

Using the latest front-end tech March 3, 2015

Sample web I've coded to get the latest front end technologies working together.

My Interesting Zsh Prompt November 8, 2014

Zsh is already pretty powerful, but it can still be extended into the best possible shell.

Setting up macOs for development November 3, 2014

Process of setting up a new Mac as a developer, coming from a Windows background

Tricopter v3 build October 22, 2014

Mac: Shanghai to Spain October 21, 2014

The story of my new Mac

Nebula text: WebGL experiment October 21, 2014

JavaScript library to render text as floating particles in WebGL

Web Visualizer using WebGL October 10, 2014

Building a web visualization tool using some search APIs and VivaGraphJS WebGL renderer

Creating a game with Unreal Engine 4 October 8, 2014

Developing a game from scratch in Unreal Engine 4

Procedurally generated trees in JavaScript January 14, 2013

Recursive procedural function that draws tree-like shapes - highly configurable

Stumble Upon Low Bounce Rate September 14, 2008

Bypass/Flash BIOS password: September 12, 2008

Google Chrome September 2, 2008