DJs Music

DJs Music 2007

Music sharing website where independent DJs upload their mixes and original songs, packed with features developed over the years.

The site is now translated in 5 languages, and is popular in many different countries (although most notably in India).

Google decided one day that I was braching the AdSense ToS without an explanation so I could no longer monetize it… This was a tough blow for my motivation because I had managed a steady 500$/month as a teenager with it and suddenly it was gone. I believe it was due to someone uploading a copyrighted song, so I revamped a lot my copyright claims handling system but I wasn’t able to have my AdSense account reopened.

I still kept the website online for years, reaching a monthly bandwidth of 3 Terabytes at some point. Unfortunately it was costly to keep it online and I wasn’t able to monetize it, so I closed it in January 2020, 13 years after opening.

This project taught me a ton about infrastructure, databases, asset optimization and distribution, and coding in general, I just wish it could’ve become a side-business to run over the years…